Have you ever tasted melon flavored Kit Kat?

2012 June 20
by Japanite Team

Japan candy comes in different flavor than chocolate

Everybody loves to have a break with Kit Kat. The chocolate coated wafers are always a delicicos candy to share or to eat alone. But if you thought that Japan will have a “normal” Kit Kat you are of course totally mistaken.

An auction reveal that you can buy Melon flavoured Kit Kat in Japan. We can’t decide if it’s something we will ever want to try. but if you fancy an oriental candy – you should try and buy a pack here.

Stuck with no paper in the toilet? Tweet!

2010 May 11
by Japanite Team

What do you do if you ran out of toilet paper in the restrooms? twitter comes to the rescue.

Japanese Twitter user naika_tei sent a twit about the need for toilet paper and it helped. the first twit didn’t helped so he sentanother one. This time he got lucky, a friend came to the rescue with the much needed toilet paper. naika_tei didn’t forget to thank the friend that helped him.

The first tweet:

Second tweet, first one didn’t helped:

and a thank you:

[via JapanTrends]

Transformers: revenge of the Ramen

2009 July 4

Well this is definitely a robot that’s is more than meets the eye – it’s also meets your taste buds. In Japan, a new robot has transformed into a Ramen making machine and is serving the famous noodle-soup in a restaurant.

The robot was built by the restaurant owner, and not some geeky Japanese scientists. The customers can order via a computer in the restaurant, with the ramen robot can make more than 40 million different types of ramen. everything is travelling on a conveyor belt, where a human is adding the topping(no robot for that simple task?), and in the end the customer can eat it’s cyber-ramen peacefully on the little restaurant.

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Short guide to Japanese emoticons

2009 February 2
by Japanite Team

If you have a Japanese friend and you suddenly got emoticons like =^.^= or m(_ _)m – don’t be alarmed. Unsurprisingly, like in many things in life, Japanese have a different way of showing their emotions when using emoticons. As always Japanite! has a short guide for you on understanding the Japanese emoticons.

japan_emoticon (photo by antjeverena)

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8 tips that will save you money in Tokyo

2009 January 27
by Japanite Team

It’s sounds weird but true: you can visit Tokyo, one of the most expensive cities in the world, without being ripped off. The global economy situation, the economy in Japan, and our great tips – can help you see Tokyo and get home with a few dollars left in your wallet.

This is a guest post by one of Japanite! friends, who visited Tokyo recently and collected some proven advices before his trip. Some veteran Tokyo tourists will find them familiar, but if this is your first time, you might want to print out the list for the road.

1. Sleep in a Japanese Inn

Accommodation is always a great part in any travel budget. If you are not fixed on sleeping in high-priced hotels there are some great alternatives.

The Ryokans are all around Tokyo and they are nice inns that can be found in prices starting from $40 per night. The bonus is that they styled in old fashion Japanese style with paper curtains and futon bed. This is not your regular king size you are used to in high priced hotels, but this will be a much better way to feel the Japanese way of life.

If you are not spoiled and feel you can share bathrooms you can found some Ryokans in central spots for as low as $30 per night. For example you can find Kimi Ryokan that offers English speaking staff and some Japanese atmosphere for $50 per night for a single room. Kimi Ryokan is conveniently located in the Ikebukuro area in close proximity to a subway station.

ryokan_japan a typical Ryokan (photo by spinksy)

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