Bored in the Toilet? Play some golf!

2008 August 11
by Japanite Team

If you ever wonder why the toilets are taken for so long, than you might want to consider a new habit from Japan. For only $11 you can get a complete golf play set for the bathroom. The set includes a golf matt, a club (57cm long), two balls, flag and a cup set. The unique bonus to this package is the “Do not disturb!” sign that comes in the package.


We can’t understand why Japanese people are so bored when going to the toilet. This is the reason they invent all kind of crazy stuff like this.

Product Page (Japanese) via Rinkya

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  1. 2008 August 11

    Welcome back Japanite! Don’t tell me you were playing golf on the toilet for the last month! ;)

  2. 2008 August 11

    I’m glad to see that they shortened the length of the club to accommodate for the lack of space in Japanese toilets. It’s one of the biggest problems I encounter to this day!

    Welcome back Japanite!

  3. 2008 August 12


    I thought no one would notice.. :) Thanks for the kind words. I wish that I could have done that, but I’ve had to do some other boring stuff.

    You underestimate the small pot!

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