Japanese Dog Gets His Own DVD Film

2008 July 9
by Japanite Team

oto_san_japan_dog_film As we’ve already know, Japanese people loves their pets. It can be their robot dog, or a nice parrot. In recent months many people in Japan fell in love with “Oto-San” – a cute dog from Softbank commercials. Softbank is one of the largest mobile operators in Japan, and it sells the iPhone in the country for instance.

Oto-San is featured in the commercial as the head of a Japanese family and promotes the mobile operator plans. It’s popularity grow so quickly that now Softbank decided to release a DVD with Oto-San daily life. The DVD is scheduled to be released during September.

In order to sign his new movie contract Oto-San has arrived in a limousine to the headquarters of Softbank, and signed the agreement with Softbank president Yuichi Kato. Two scary looking bodyguards escorted him all the way from the limo to the building.

The dog doesn’t come cheap. You will have to cough up $24 for the Dog’s DVD only, and $31 for a DVD plus a lunch box.

You can watch some of Oto-San short commercials here:

And here:

So let’s sum up: A dog is the head of the family and sells mobile phones gets to be the star of a new film. Not bad for an ordinary weird day in Japan.

via [Japan Today]

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  1. 2008 July 10

    Inu Otoosan is, hands down, the best spokes’person’ in Japanese TV commericals.

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