Japanese Record For Sex At Work

2008 May 3
by Japanite Team

woman_water2_xeniaIt’s no secret that many office workers tend to waste precious employers time, by surfing the Internet. When working long hours, what can be fun than reading some weird news from Japan, for example? Well a Japanese government worker took this one too far.

The 57 years old man has been accused of accessing adult sex websites for 780,000 (that’s no mistakes) times starting June last year to February 2008. The employee works for the local council of Kinokawa in southern Japan.

The nasty habit reached its peak last July when he viewed 177,000 websites pages in one month. That’s about 10,000(!) pages per day. The man could continue doing his great work, unless its computer caught a virus.

The technical team that repaired the computer noticed the “little” sex addiction that this poor man had. What’s seems weird is how no one noticed the obsessed employee? Even if the numbers are in accurate, it’s still account for a lot of adult websites surfing during office hours. “Each desk is set apart from each other,” city official Tomiko Waki told AP news.

Amazingly he wasn’t fired, but was only given a suspension for three months and a $200 salary cut. Well, it is no surprise in a country well you can find sex even at McDonalds.

Source: [USA Today]

(Image courtesy of Xenia)

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