Robot + Mobile Phone = RoboPhone

2008 March 23
by Japanite Team


Japan has a long love affair with robots. It also has a long love affair with mobile phones. So it’s not surprise to find out that mobile phone provider, Softbank, is offering a RoboPhone.

The phone will have arms and legs and it can be folded into normal mobile phone. The Robophones will have faces according to the mood of the owner.

otherwise from that it’s just a regular phone. No word yet on the pricing of this weird combination.

from [Softbank] via [Japan Times]

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  1. 2008 April 10

    If the robot doesn’t move automatically, who needs it? I mean, I want it to take my calls and messages.

  2. 2008 April 13

    Well, that’s exactly what’s great in Japanese inventions: They are useless most of the time!

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