Short guide to Japanese emoticons

2009 February 2
by Japanite Team

If you have a Japanese friend and you suddenly got emoticons like =^.^= or m(_ _)m – don’t be alarmed. Unsurprisingly, like in many things in life, Japanese have a different way of showing their emotions when using emoticons. As always Japanite! has a short guide for you on understanding the Japanese emoticons.

japan_emoticon (photo by antjeverena)

m(_ _)m  – I’m sorry. If you look good you’ll see a man nodding his head.

(^_^)/ – I’m excited.

(^_^;) – I’m uncomfortable/embarrassed. A man with a drop of sweat on his face.

(>^_^)> ( ;_;) <(^_^<) – several emoticons together meaning two friends hugging their crying friend, or actually laughing at him.

Sometimes only the eyes express the feelings of you the one you talk to.

>_<  – Something on my mind.

T_T – crying.

@_@ – puzzled.

=^.^= – a cat.

Know of any more funny Japanese emoticons? share in the comments.

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  1. 2009 October 24
    Realitybytes permalink

    I would suggest


    means "komateru" or troubled/vexed. Possibly "oh no", or "good grief". Or even "sigh". It suggests the sender has something they have to cope with.

  2. 2009 October 29
    kaonashi permalink

    isn’t m(_ _)m someone bowing low, instead of “nodding”?

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