Size Does Matter: Sex At McDonald’s In Japan

2008 April 28


Not the usual stuff we get from Japan, but any change is welcome. The Mainichi reports today that three guys and a girl tried to make a adult film in a McDonald’s restaurant in the Saitama Prefecture (kind of a district). (Why not just film in a Mom or a maid cafe?)

The happy foursome were Kunikazu Ishii (52), the director, Nahoko Shimada (21) an actress at night, dental nurse at days. The two male actors were Yuya Ochiai (29) and Makoto Nishizumi. They were all arrested for indecent exposure.

A customer reported to the police on the enthusiastic film makers after he saw Ochiai and Shimada getting into the store together holding hands. He suspected something was wrong because “..Ochiai didn’t look the type good enough to pick up a woman (Shimada) like her”. Makes you wonder how come a McDonald’s customer knows what’s good for a adult movies actress. Or maybe he just recognized Shimada and thought that due to her acting skills, she deserves better.

An adult film maker explains to the paper that this is the sign of tough times. Adult movies in Japan had used to get budget of around 1 million yen ($9,500), but this days the budget get only up to 300,000 Yen ($2,800). With these kind of tight budgets the film makers have to cut on costs, and they are filming anywhere to avoid the cost of hotel rooms or a studio. As we already know, it’s even hard to film in Japanese toilets since you’ve got some nasty things going on there.

But filming an Adult movie at McDonald’s may also have other benefits. In the recent month McDonald’s in Japan introduced some really big meals like the MegaMuffin, MegaMac and MegaTriaki. Any chance the film actor (which is paid considerably less compared to the actress, according to Mainichi) just want to supersize his “whopper” to Mega?

By the way, if you have any funny suggestion for the film makers about the name of the new film – why keep it to yourself? The comments section below will love to hear from you.

Update 1:Nahoko Shimada arrest in a video report: (unfortunately Shimada stage name is not known)

Update 2: You shouldn’t be surprise about what happens in McDonald’s in Japan with these kind of commercials:

Update 3: Join a punchline contest at [] !

Source: [Mainichi]

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  1. 2008 April 28

    How about ‘Confessions of a Quarter-Pounder?’

    Sorry, that’s all I’ve got.

  2. 2008 April 28

    That’s great! what about “My first Mc’Job” or maybe “What’s between the buns? 3″, or even “Ronald and Ms. McDonalds”.

    • 2009 November 27

      How about “Quartet Pounded”?

      This is why I go to Mos Burger instead

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