The Solution for Allergies: An Artificial Nose

2008 April 30
by Japanite Team

Artificial_Nose If you suffer from different allergies you know that can be a real headache (besides the headaches it gives you). You always have a running nose or tears, and that’s the best case. In many of the worst cases you are covered with a rush or can’t eat because of a swelling throat.

Pills can help some of the allergies, but not always. In other cases you just to avoid the cause, or the allergen, but it seems that no one has thought on a very simple solution. Well, no one except Japanese scientists.

Meet the Nose Mask Pit, an artificial nose that helps you prevent allergies. Created by Bio International Japan, the artificial nose filters allergens and pollutants while you breath without anyone to notice. At a price of only $14, the Nose Mask Pit can give you some calm between allergy attacks and do it in a very sensible price.

A couple of weeks ago an American inventor showed an artificial nose hair in an inventions exhibition in Geneva. Maybe it’s time the two inventions will be sold together. Maybe they can sell an artificial runny nose with a discount..


Anyway, No word yet on when and if it will be sold outside of Japan.

Source (Japanese): [Watch Impress] and the product page (Japanese): [Nose Mask Pit]

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