Transformers: revenge of the Ramen

2009 July 4
by Japanite Team

Well this is definitely a robot that’s is more than meets the eye – it’s also meets your taste buds. In Japan, a new robot has transformed into a Ramen making machine and is serving the famous noodle-soup in a restaurant.

The robot was built by the restaurant owner, and not some geeky Japanese scientists. The customers can order via a computer in the restaurant, with the ramen robot can make more than 40 million different types of ramen. everything is travelling on a conveyor belt, where a human is adding the topping(no robot for that simple task?), and in the end the customer can eat it’s cyber-ramen peacefully on the little restaurant.

Don’t think that the robot revolution will stop there, the store owner is planning to open a chain of restaurants after shrinking the robot to a more suitable size.

Here you can see the ramen robot in action:

via [Mainichi Daily News]

The ramen robot is not alone in Japan. A few weeks ago in a food machinery trade show, a company showcased the pancake making robot:

this is actually the Japanese version of pancakes, which is called okonomiyaki, and served with mayonnaise. Don’t worry about getting the right pancake, that’s because the robot will talk to you and ask you questions about what to put on your pancake.
After this robot made meal of soup and salty pancake, you will need just to clean up a bit. Again the Japanese inventors are ahead of you and the towel serving robot will handle this task:

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