Write in the Air Straight to your Screen

2008 June 9
by Japanite Team

Wireless_Pen_Japan A company in Japan has introduced a new wireless pen that allows you to write in the air, while the characters appear on your computer screen.

Inside the pen you can find a tri-axial sensor that monitors the pen in any direction. A Bluetooth connection between the pen and the computer transmits the movements to the screen. By using Bluetooth, the pen can actually “write” from a distance of 10 meters.

SMK Corp., the company behind the pen claims it is the first wireless pen that can write in the air. Other companies have so far introduced wireless pens that can only write on paper.


SMK corp. showed the new pen in “TEXPO 2008″, an exhibition in Tokyo a couple of days ago. No word on pricing or availably yet.

via [TechOn]

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  1. 2008 June 9

    This is how multi-touch technology will need to go. They can’t expect us to rub are fingers all over the screen, can they?

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